--What is HDR Timelapse?
To the best of my knowlege, this represents the first real world high dynamic range video.  Utilizing a computer controlled camera, motion control mechanics and HDR software, I have perfected a method that results in true 32-bit radiance frame sequences.  HDR is not new, computer generated imagery professionals have been producing 32-bit video for years now but, video sensors that can capture dynamic range exceeding 12 stops are still in their research and development stages.  By capturing clusters of multiple exposure levels (brackets) at timed intervals (timelapse) and batch processing the clusters into single HDR radiance frames I am exploring a transitional high dynamic range video solution.

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--What am I looking at with the sample videos?
Currently, there are only a handfull of HDR displays. I have tone-mapped the sample videos compressing them down to today's standard 8-bit range.  The original frames are true 32-bit sequences at a minimum of 1080p resolution.  "MILapse" is my experimental timelapse channel on youtube where I share my experiences with other timelapse enthusiasts - check it out to see an expanded scope of my timelapse work: LINK

--Can I purchase the HDR video?
Absolutely! I have provided HDR Video researchers with data sets and I am fully equipped to provide commission work to fit your needs and specifications. Use the contact link above to email me with your requests.

--How do I learn more about Timelapse?
I am a moderator at The Timescapes.org Forum. We welcome timelapse enthusiasts from around the world and actively discuss the subject. Feel free to join us by signing up.

Jay Burlage (aka MiLapse)